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22 Wedding Trends in 2022

Welcome back everyone,

I know we started 2022 off with a major kick and step in the right direction based on the feedback and interactive insights of our first blog post of the year! We want to maintain this energy and carry that balance between getting to know you guys and you getting to know us through our posts!

That said, this blog is going to focus on an industry-based topic that has an amazing way of dialing in on what 2022 brings for our business! Social media is a critical factor in our everyday lives as well as the functionality in news, marketplaces, and multiple industries like this one! TikTok, Instagram & Facebook, aka Meta, are the prime networking platforms we read and update ourselves on when it comes to events happening around us. For us, TikTok and Instagram Reels have displayed so many inspirational tips and tricks that we hope to incorporate into our 2022 weddings!

Speaking of tips and tricks, we’ve noticed some of the trends for weddings in 2021 have drastically changed or been put away for new innovative and exciting ones that are surfacing! With this in mind, here are the top 22 wedding industry trends for 2022:

1. Eco-Friendly Weddings

Having an eco-friendly wedding can mean lots of things, but it truly signifies using your resources accordingly; couples and event planners can support this notion through encouraging guests to take trolleys, reducing waste, using potted plants (versus floral foam), making use of rentals, going paperless or purchasing renewable & recyclable paper for invitations & rsvp options.

2. Desserts with a purpose

More and more couples are straying away from the traditional wedding cake and picking desserts that they enjoy more & that mean something to them!

Picking a flavor that signifies something to the couple can create a sense of sharing an experience, feeling, and emotion through food which ultimately brings many people together.

3. Destination Elopements

Really want to skip the "over the top" and traditional way to say "I do"? A destination elopement is a super fun and unique way to gather your closest friends and family members to celebrate your wedding day with you. Destination elopements also allow you to share a romantic location with the ones you love! While COVID has forced some to have smaller wedding celebrations, it is a concept we are seeing carrying into future wedding seasons.

4. Smaller Wedding Cake

Skip the large wedding cake and get a smaller cake for you two to cut & enjoy just the two of you!

5. Customized Veils

Pearls, embroidery, sparkle, or even a statement length! Get creative with your veil like our bride Brooke did for her oceanside, Chatham wedding in the Cape.

6. Non-traditional Wedding Dresses

Let's break free of the traditional wedding attire! Is a fun, white jumpsuit more your style instead? Hell yes! More into a wedding dress that comes in a color... maybe black? Go for it! Ignore the traditional wedding standards and create your own rules for your wedding day.

7. Unique Wedding Arches

Statement arches as a focal point for your ceremony is something that we have seen more and more of over the last couple of years. With so many options, unique wedding arches would be one of our fav trends we love to see. Dare to be different and tie the knot in front of, under, or surrounded by something out of the box!

8. Statement Headpieces

Boho headpieces, flower crowns, tiaras, hair pins, or halos! So many stunning options!

9. Earthy Tones

We're a sucker for the minimalist green and white vibe. Neutral, earthy tones are making a come back and we aren't mad! There is nothing like using your surroundings as your largest form of inspiration.

10. Hanging Floral Decor

Okay. We are obsessed! Check out these hanging floral statement pieces. Give us all the trellis vibes. Get creative! Don't be afraid to have something different. Create a statement in your reception space with a floating or hanging floral piece.

11. Honeymoon Funds

Instead of the traditional wedding registry, more and more couples are finding that they already have everything they need. It used to be more common that guests would purchase the couple things they would need for a new home together. With couples living together already, they are setting up honeymoon funds to help fund their first trip as a married couple!

12. Statement Signage

Champagne walls, neon signs on hedge walls, customized bar signage & all the details! Signage has allowed couples to customize their wedding decor with their names, wedding date, something significant to them, monograms and more! We love this trend and hope it sticks around for a while.

13. Weekday Weddings

It is not uncommon to see Thursday, Friday, or even Monday weddings happening now! Especially going into 2022. With all the rescheduling that occurred after 2020, we are seeing couples going for non-traditional, weekday weddings to tie the knot.

14. Dried Florals

Combining dried florals and greenery. Textures & color. Boho with modern floral vibes. We are seeing more and more dried florals making their way into wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

15. Pop-up Vendors

Surprise your guests with a treat! Either during cocktail hour or at the end of the evening, have someone fun show up to treat your guests to a unique experience. To name a few - cigar roller, Dels cart, Espresso station, or Ben & Jerry's ice cream bar. Include an interactive way for guests to have a different experience at your wedding reception.

16. More First Looks

The days of traditionally seeing your significant other at the alter are becoming less and less. It is not uncommon to see intimate first looks happening between couples to allow for more time together on their wedding day.

17. Late Night Snacks & Treats

Who doesn't love snacks?! Add some sliders, pizza, burgers, or even a fun end of the night food truck to your wedding night timeline. Surprise your guests with some yummy small bites while the dancing, partying, and drinking continue.

18. Signature Drinks

Add a signature drink to your bar to showcase you and your significant other's fav drink of choice. Naming it after your dog or something you love is a trend we love to see and continue to see going into the 2022 wedding season.

19. Goodbye Wedding Favors

Gone are the days of expensive wedding favors that get left behind at the end of the night. More couples are choosing to replace purchasing favors with adding cute, little to-go boxes to their dessert table. This way, at the end of the night, guests can grab some extra goodies to take with them as they head out, and no desserts get wasted. Another favor idea would be letting guests take home the centerpieces. No one wants those beautiful flowers going to waste!

20. Seating Charts instead of Escort Cards

Many couples are straying away from the traditional paper escort cards. Looking for a way to enhance your design overall and create an interactive way to tell guests where they're seated? Create an escort card wall, seating chart sign, or even fun acrylic place cards at each table.

21 Fewer Church Weddings

With 16 weddings for DMW in 2022... only ONE has a church ceremony. It is more common to see couple's deciding to tie the knot seaside or at their venue's ceremony site. Whether it be for religious reasons or logistically it is easier all around to have your ceremony and reception at the same location, it is definitely a trend we are seeing more and more of.

22. Shorter ceremonies

With COVID causing a lot of couples to opt for a more intimate ceremony, we are seeing more couples already married and choosing to have a 15-20 minute mini ceremony. The traditional 30 minute ceremonies or hour masses are becoming less and less over the years.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to reach out with any comments or questions about these trends or how we can incorporate them more into our content for you guys!


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