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6 Wedding Trends I'm Predicting for 2021

Photography by: Massart Photography

Let's face it - 2021 is going to be the year of non-traditional. We are going to see a lot of couples thinking outside of the box, and I am super excited about this. Out with the old, in with the new! Less large, over the top, 300 person plus wedding receptions, more creative approaches to the couple's big day. Below are six trends I'm predicting we will see a lot of for 2021 celebrations:

Non-traditional Attire

This is the time! Break out the short dress, colored gown, romper, pantsuit. You name it, now is the time. Comfort is key! Ditch the heavy, traditional white ballgown with the viel. Black dress?! YES, please. Let your creativity shine through. It is YOUR day after all. And this doesn't just apply to the women. Men!! If you want to add a patterned pocket square, go ahead! Funky floral boutieneer- whatever you want! Make your wedding attire a part of your overall design.

Mini Desserts

This is another big one. Couple's are less likely to splurge on the expensive four tier wedding cake these days, especially with micro-weddings and smaller gatherings. Instead, you might see; mini individual cakes at each place setting, cupcakes, or even individual tarts and creme brulee. This is a trend that I personally love! For the event photographed to the right, caramel apples were used as the individual sweet treat placed at all guest's place settings. Kerri Cupcake from Sweet Indulgence in Rhode Island was the creative mind behind these fall delights. Guest's love a cute, edible treat all for themselves!

Intimate Micro-Ceremonies

Micro-Ceremonies: Keeping it to your closest friends & family. Similar to elopements, micro-ceremonies allow the bride & groom to keep their wedding low-key and intimate. Usually inviting only immediate family and closest friends; tying the knot without the expense of an extravagant wedding. By cutting back the guest list, this allows bride and grooms to spend more on smaller details they might not have been able to include if they went the traditional route. Micro-ceremonies are typically 50 guests or less for reference.

Outdoor Celebrations

With a lot of the curent restritcions in place due to COVID-19, we see that venues with outdoor spaces are allowed a larger capacity for their outdoor areas. With this being said, I predict there will be in an increase in outdoor tented weddings since this will mean the couple can invite more guests. I believe it may be a little longer before the restrictions for capacity at indoor venues are one in the same with outdoor areas. Tent weddings are like a blank canvas that you can create anything out of. With lighting, decor, flooring, draping, and endless rentals, linens, (the list can go on-and-on) you can make a tent look however you dream without the limitations a ballroom or other indoor venues may have.


I have always loved elopements, and am not mad at the comeback they are making. Couples that want to strip away the anxiety and obligation they feel about having to uphold a traditional wedding usually opt to elope. It allows for a more intimate celebration that focuses on their love, unity, and lifelong committment to one another without the drama and dsitraction a huge wedding can sometimes cause. With the COVID-19 restrictions on events, it is causing lots of drama for couples trying to tie the knot in 2020/2021. Those that still want to get married are eloping now, and waiting until they can throw a large party to celebrate with all their friends & family in the future.

Lounge Areas

Create a unique space where your friends & family can mingle throughout the night. Lounge spaces are one of my favorite design components. I always urge for a cozy, comfy lounge space when clients ask me another way they can elevate their reception or cocktail area space. It's a fun way to incorporate your wedding athsetic with some unique, vintage furniture, florals, oriential rugs, while creating a space where your guests can enjoy a drink & mingle. Lounge setups are also a great way to allow for social distancing. You're creating more spaces for guests to spread out at your venue, additional seating, and a cozy atmosphere!


Photos above from October 2021 Fall inspired styled shoot, vendors below:

Venue: Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI

Planner: Dana Marie Weddings & Events

Photographer: Audrey, Massart Photography

Florals: Michelle Jeanne Floral Design

Rentals: Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals

Models: Courtney Botelho & Helio Dante

Bridal Boutique: Melissa Ashley Brides

Makeup Artist: Jenna Irving

Hair Stylist: Cassandra Broccoli, RI Wedding Hair

Stationery: Pencil & Ink Design

Calligraphy: Cookie Calligraphy Co.

Desserts: Kerri Cupcake, Sweet Indulgence

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